Ray Foundation Ghana


ST. joseph Knowledge Centre of Jirapa (UW Region, Ghana) remains our flagship model. It is an orphanage annexed to a public conferencing facility equipped with internet-linked computers along with document management appliances. Upon inauguration, the entire asset (orphanage cum conference centre) was donated to the Wa Catholic Diocese, who manages its daily operations to cater to demands from students, hospital personnel, civil servants, residents, NGOs, local entrepreneurs, cooperatives, etc. for a modicum charge. Accruing revenue is employed feed the orphans and contribute to facility’s maintenance and operations.

RAY Foundation GHANA was previously actively engaged with local government representatives in favour of sub-Saharan immigrants’ socio-economic integration in Italy. This charity also fostered renewable energy projects in rural environs to facilitate wealth creation /distribution, taming of environmental malpractices and stemming the flow of youth emigration,